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  • Academy

    The luxurious, extremely refined designs and decorations are inspired by the Art Deco period. Materials are among the most precious and sophisticated. The Italian manufacturing confers the final, valued and sophisticated touch. We are talking about Academy, the latest-born Luxury Bathroom Collection by Oasis. Lacquered vanity units and cabinets, gold profiles and precious marble tops characterize this line, perfect for the most elegant locations. The designed vanity consoles dialogue with accessories and complements: elegant ottomans and benches, bronzed and smoked wall mirrors, lights, tall units and towel holders, with matching finishings and colors, will please the even most demanding interior designers. Once again the finest Italian manufacturing, with its ribbed or diamond-like decorated lacquering, the glasses and the marbles, furnish the most exclusive “salle de bains”, creating spaces to contemplate, relax, and pampering yourself in a sophisticated and comforting atmosphere.
  • Charme

    The creative thought process behind the design of new furniture collection CHARME was to play with the idea of geometries with the aim of finding a harmonious relationship between volume and alignment. The objective was to create a signature contemporary style offering a timeless elegance. The ceramic basin, albeit in a single shape, was designed to give the impression of being “staggered”. Indeed, the projected area provides a resting place and fixing position for the towel-holder bar. As further exploring this theme, the freestanding vanity, as well as the wall-hung version (in the different dimensions), were designed using alternating materials, in juxtaposed open and closed spaces, gloss and matt lacquers to bring to the furniture a strong and distinctive personality. The front fascias conceal unparalleled practicality thanks to a door and shelf on the one side and a corner door complete with toiletries holder on the other. The metal handle running along the entire length of the vanity together with the decorative glass finish, conveys a sensation of unicity and richesse. Side lamps and a matching mirror serve to complete the overall look.  The latter is made up of a number of different materials married together in a graceful and sophisticated fashion. Similarly, the side lamps are characterised by the blending together of various materials, the result being a truly contemporary look with subtle Art Deco undertones.
  • Crystal Collection

    Crystal collection by Oasis is characterised by exquisite glass finishes. Both glamorous and contemporary in appearance, Crystal is available in a choice of transparent or satin glass finishes and offers a projection of 47 cm. Unquestionably innovative as well as contemporary and futuristic, Crystal also has an ecological dimension thanks to the glass, a natural material which is 100% recyclable. Furthermore, the fact that it is available in 38 colours and in either gloss or satin finishes makes the collection highly versatile and adaptable to diverse styles of décor. Crystal is the perfect choice for clients who desire a totally customisable look for the interior design of their homes. The vanity units with integral basins feature fine glass finishes – gloss or satin – in a choice of 38 different colours. Integrated tops in glossy or sand-blasted glass are available in the 38 colour palette choice or else in gloss white Geacril or matt white Tecnoril in two different basin shapes.
  • Daphne

    The outstanding elegance of the Daphne collection of luxury bathroom furniture by Oasis, finds inspiration in the gracious and essential touch of the Art Déco, and it’s supported by a high modularity. A wide range of modular solutions in different lengths – from 33 to 132 cm – and double depth – 50 or 44 cm – adds to the availability of 4 different finishes: light black walnut, glossy lacquer, crystal coating coordinated to the interior lacquer and smoked mirror. Lining glass and mirrors are available in 45° crystal-cut glass – for a highly flexible effect. The Daphne collection by Oasis is available in both suspended and stacked version, with feet that can be coordinated to match handles in the three available finishes of golden, bronzed and chromed steel. Its luxurious style is well-represented in its details: drawers feature a cushioned closing system and upon request, they can be fitted with inner dividers lined in burgundy flocked velvet. Coordinated mirrors and sinks – in glossy white resin – feature the same coordinated round-edged design in line with the principles of Art Déco.
  • Esprit Collection

    Thanks to its elegant contours and to an array of vanity units starting from 70 cm, the Esprit collection from the Oasis Master Bathroom Collection is the perfect choice for clients who prefer curvy shapes as well as those who are furnishing small bathrooms and other spaces with limited depth, such as within studio flats, hotels and yachts. The Esprit line features 12 different compositions, each and every one characterized by a different radius of curvature, thereby providing ultimate versatility when furnishing specific spaces. Lacquered finishes are available in 38 different colours – exclusively created by Oasis – both in matt and glossy versions. Tops come in four different materials – glass, ceramic, Geacril and Tecnoril – all customisable in the same colour choice as for the furniture. A useful combination of drawers and doors with purposely-designed handle-free fronts and a dedicated selection of coordinated accessories complete the offer. Esprit is thus a perfect synthesis of defined shapes, exquisite beauty and sheer practicality, ideal for those who favour rounded forms and who wish to achieve skilful design even in the most compact of spaces. Specialist in the manufacture of high-quality bathroom furniture completely hand-made in Italy and ambassador of style in interior design, Oasis conveys by Esprit the inherent contemporary elegance of modern, minimal bathroom.
  • Passepartout Collection

    Synonymous with infinite sectional modules for total customization and bespoke solution, Passepartout Master Bathroom Collection by Oasis is available in several sizes and versions. The wider series ever of vanities, cabinets, wall and tall units, mirrors and accessories provides for an extreme freedom in compositions, for the most elegant interior design. Passepartout Collection is the perfect synthesis between great functionality and minimal design: clean and squared lines match suspended vanity units with handle-free door and drawer front; compositions of vanities, cabinets and tall units meet every kind of space needs and personal tastes. Researched raw materials and specific-designed accessories mix and match a wide range of colours available in matt or glossy lacquered finish. Passepartout is therefore the capital expression of “all in one” concept!
  • Plissè

    Essential, but sumptuous and elegant thanks to its delicate workmanship, the basin column Plissé draws its inspiration from the dense folding that allows to give body to the fabrics, at the same time leaving them free to flutter, underlining their movement. So is the basin column Plissé, with its important shape resembling a classical sculpture, lightened by the folding like an accordion, which creates an ideal movement, like temples of Greek architecture. Just like an ancient peplum, the basin column Plissé, made of opaque white ceramic, has a ring decorating in gold or chrome metal, almost to underline the “waist”, as in a high fashion dress. Oasis, the Italian company with the widest offer of contemporary luxury bathroom furnishing, is always attentive to the evolution of style, and Plissé confirms this. Thanks to its simple and precious elegance, Plissé fits perfectly in luxurious ambients, characterized by rigorous projects, with a particular attention to the details of interior architecture
  • Rivoli

    The Rivoli Luxury Bathroom Collection by Oasis takes inspiration from the richest design and the most refined artisanal decoration of the Art Deco artistic period, without neglecting modern details. Linear, elegant shapes combine with precious manufacturing details. This line is characterized by door and drawer fronts appliques in mirror, glass and metals finishes. Cabinets, tall units and accessories are available with matching decorative appliques, in order to create a luxurious, sophisticated and distinctive interior design inspired to Art Deco atmospheres. Rivoli offers a wide range of colors in matt or glossy lacquers and precious marble tops in ten finishes. The peculiar metal bench frame is available in golden and chromed finish. Oasis is the only Italian company in the world with the widest range of luxury bathroom products.