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  • Compact

    Uncommonly unique and attractive: an effective solution for the bathroom. With the option to fix to the wall or glue, this series has chameleon-like qualities, which integrate naturally with multiple furnishing solutions, thanks to the numerous colour finishes provided. A clean design that does not sacrifice comfort. For more information on the series "Compact", contact us. One of our representatives will respond within 24 hours.
  • Strip

    Innovative and minimalist design merge in the STRIP series: the acrylic and walnut elements intensify the smooth shapes and enhance the unique and elegantstyle. The particular containers with their undulating lines blend harmoniously with their metal supporting strips.
  • Up&Down

    UP&DOWN is a name and design chosen to refl ect the reversibility of the series: the sleek and smooth shape, together with the wide range of items and fi nishes available, produce a creation of shapes and colours to provide a personal touch in the bathroom.