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  • Avanguarde

    Geometric and pyramidal shapes enrich series Avanguarde and they give a touch of originality and completeness.
  • Eternity

    Fantastic reflections of colors come from a shower of Swarovski positioned on the base: different combinations of enamels show a spectacular play of lights.
  • Retrò

    Retrò series, elegant and curvy, delicately decorate bathroom space.
  • Romantica

    Colored enamels combined with Swarovski: a clear demonstration of a unique and innate style is what Etrusca offers with this series.
  • Specchiere

    Reflections in a timeless atmosphere with lights that work together in order to create a dreamlike bathroom ambiance: elegant details style your bathroom.
  • Stilnovo

    With its elegant solid shapes and classical finishes, Stilnovo series represents the ideal merger between practicality and refinement.